Does Apple think you’re stupid?


What kind of consumer does Apple appeal to? Take a minute to check out this hilarious take on Apple’s current marketing strategy made by the folks over at

Individualism is a major selling point for this generation of consumers and Apple’s approach to marketing reflects that sentiment… it’s in the name of all their products: *I*Phone, *I*Pad, *I*Pod and so on.

Apple has crafted out a very special definition of what *I* means…and the *I* they’re talking about isn’t you the  individual, it’s about the collective individualistic archetype that Apple has created for it’s consumers. You aren’t unique because you are you, you’re unique because you’re an Apple user…amongst thousands of other Apple users. And although I do appreciate their minimalist ad campaigns focused on the *I* in all of us, I’ve always found that their approach appeals too much to ‘babying’ the consumer.

I haven’t owned an Apple product in my life…and honestly, that was one of my biggest regrets when it came to the whole 2012 end of the world hype.

But for those of you who are Apple consumers what do you think of Apple’s marketing campaigns?


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