Introducing the Salad

Seinfeld Fan? Remember the “Big Salad” episode?

George: Sure, all right, what do you want?
Elaine: Um, hum, I don’t know.. . . A big salad?
George: Is that what I ask for? The BIG salad?
Elaine: It’s okay, you don’t…
George: No, no, Hey I’ll get it. What’s in the BIG salad?

Well in this salad you’re going to find a mix of  personal commentary on cultural figures, ideologies, films,  trends, icons and anything pertaining to the giant bowl that we call Culture. Throw in a little bit of philosophy, a dash of marketing   knowledge, and a spritz of advice on how these cultural staples can be used in our everyday life…and viola, you have the CultureSalad.

I know…that does sound like a whole lot to mix into one bowl…but rest assured everything you find in the CultureSalad serves as a perfect side-dish to the main course we call life. So head on over to the Bowl of Articles on the top menu to check out my main articles or check out the Bread Basket where you’ll find an assortment of short commentary on things I find interesting.

Dig in and join the discussion on how we can use our understanding of popular culture to make sense of things.

It’s healthy. I promise.


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